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Digital Transformation

The digital era is here. It’s a fact, and the process of digital transformation is imperative for the survival of any type of business, from the smallest to large corporations, each in its sector or industry and in its competition environment, the truth is that no survivor will be exempt.

The digitization of society is monopolizing all spheres of human life, and the sphere of business is the spearhead in that direction because its role as the most dynamic element in the transformation of society.

Surely you know what I’m talking about and are aware of the threat posed by ignorance of technology and its application, but do not know what to do, or where to start, or what state is your company as their potential customers behave in the network, or what is the source of traffic.

But luckily, not everything is so bad, and the good news is that there is also an immense opportunity for growth and expansion of the markets, if we timely align ourselves with this reality and undertake the so-called digital transformation.

The digital transformation of a company is not the simple digitization of it, it is much more than that, and it constitutes a corporate philosophy or strategic approach that leads to an organizational structural changes, and changes of procedures, flows and processes and above all, a change in the culture of the organization, which undoubtedly requires effective leadership focused on innovation.

Digital Transformation agencies such as Budget Digital Solutions are being called to support, collaborate and help the rest of the companies in the education of their personnel, in terms of the acquisition of knowledge, skills, through training to master the technologies, as in the adaptation and implementation of transformational digital strategies and solutions.


Where do I start the Digital Transformation of my business?

There are many businesses that have understood the need to make a turn towards digitalization, but they do not have a clear path to follow or a map to face it.

The first step then would be to design and develop a Digital Business Strategy Plan that leads to a change towards a business culture of constant innovation aligned with the objectives of social responsibility, team commitment and the delivery of unique experiences, differentiating and consistent users.

The digital strategic plan would also cover the analysis, study and implementation of vital processes within the organization outlined to the effective and effective use of technology, means and resources of data collection and analytics to monitor the plan and rectify possible deviations.


How long can the Digital Transformation of a business take?

The digitization of a company is a very complex process that involves very diverse and specific variables, so it is not possible to predict the time it will take the complete digital transformation of a business if you take into account that it is also a process that is evolving in time, according to advances in technology and human behavior in its social development.

Therefore, the digital transformation is not a goal in itself; it is rather an evolutionary and permanent path towards the future. Its dynamics, flexibility and adaptability will determine the survival of the business, and ultimately, the extension of its life cycle.

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