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The design of a logo is not an easy task. The logo is undoubtedly the hallmark of a brand and will appear on all products or services that it offers.

For a Logo to be effective enough, it must somehow express, through its shape, color, text and other attributes, what it is that it protects or represents.

It must be simple, attractive, expressive, readable, evocative, reproducible, and variable. If your Logo has a nice design, you are telling your potential customer that your product or service is too.

If you have several lines of products or services, you must differentiate each one with another logo, which can visually resemble the main one or not.

If your logo has a lot of time, you should ask yourself whether to change it or not, because it may no longer respond to the evolution of your company.

If you do not have a Visual Identity Manual, your logo does not work correctly, because the manual establishes the guidelines for its correct use in its different applications.